Studio … to the finest details

  • Studio … to the finest details

We've been creating sites since 2006. In our portfolio, you can see the different aspects from the following categories: restaurants, shops, big brands, factories and production.

We create a site design with meaning. This is a simple logic of the intellectual design of the site: it is beautiful, convenient and efficient to provide information to achieve the necessary interaction with the user.

We love our work. Our company's #1 rule is to meet and adhere to our clients expectations.

It all starts with the approval by the client of the technical task. We are very attentive to this stage because the correct statement of the task depends on the client's perception of the final result. Usually we study the client's business in detail to better disclose the benefits and features of the client's business on  pages from the site. We find the necessary words and design in a stylish but visual form. Our consumers should be interested in getting acquainted with the customer's site and receiving the necessary information.

We find the necessary words and images and design them in a stylish visual form. Consumers should be interested in getting acquainted with the customer's site and receiving the necessary information.

Then on approval from the client the cost of our services. At this stage, we detail the scope of our work. We guarantee a fixed quality so that the result of our work is in accordance with the technical requirements approved by you the client, you pay for results. The guarantee of achievement and the required result is stated in the contract.

All completed work is submitted for approval by the client. From the technical task to the design of the pages to the finished all around performance of the site. We believe in doing quality work for you the client, so we are not looking for ways to reduce the cost at the expense of jeopardizing the value of the project

After performing all the work we carry out the testing of the site, and then we pass the site to the client for final approval. Only the client can decide that the work has been completed and make the final payment for our services.

We want to make sure of our capabilities? If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please don't hesitate to call us!

Still do not sure? Open our portfolio.